My research is in mathematical logic, specifically set theory and computability.

In computability, my current work is in the connections between computable model theory and the model-theoretic concept of ultrahomogeneity.

In set theory, I am investigating properties of definable (closed, Borel, etc.) graphs on Polish spaces as well as more general topological spaces.


Computability and Categoricity of Weakly Homogeneous Boolean Algebras and Abelian p-Groups. Accepted for Downey Festschrift (with Doug Cenzer and Selwyn Ng), World Scientific Press. Abelian p-groups and Boolean Algebras

Cardinal Invariants of Closed Graphs (with Jindrich Zapletal). Published in Israel Journal of Mathematics. Closed Graphs Loose Number

Computability and Categoricity of Weakly Ultrahomogeneous Structures (with Douglas Cenzer). Published in Computability.  CompCat of WUH Structures

Unpublished Research/Notes

Construction of Directed Strongly Regular Graphs: DSRG Paper

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